Bendigo Calisthenics Club


About Us


The Bendigo Calisthenics Club is run and managed by a committee of volunteers, elected at the AGM. We cater to all age groups from 3 onwards and all sections are competitive. All students are registered and insured with Calisthenics Victoria Inc. (CVI).

What is Calisthenics?

​Calisthenics is an artistic sport that is unique to Australia. The sport encompasses gymnastics, marching, singing, simplified ballet and modern dance, as well as apparatus use. Working in teams it combines the best aspects of sport and art. Like dancing, Calisthenics is performed on stage and students from ages 3 & over can learn from 4 up to 7 different routines. All of these routines are taught in one class.

Calisthenics students are taught a number of different skills which will aid with both their physical and mental development. Not only do they learn a huge variety of gymnastic, dancing and singing skills, but the discipline also teaches basic life skills, such as self-confidence, teamwork and commitment. It is also a great way to make new lifelong friends.

Each year our teams work towards a series of competitions between the months of July and October at various venues, with an annual display in November. We encourage all students of different ages to come along to support and encourage our students during this time of the year. Competition time is the most rewarding time of year as all involved get to see how far the students have progressed during the year, as well as fun to get dressed in costumes and perform on the stage!
There is a long history of Calisthenics in Bendigo.
As far back as the 1900’s, there are records of a Bendigo Calisthenics Club competing at the prestigious Royal South Street Society competitions in Ballarat.

The club as we know it now, was originally affiliated with the YWCA and became an independent, community based Incorporated Association in 1996.